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Felix & Gene
Together again!

The Rascals 'Time  Peace' tour kicks November 2022h! Join Felix and I in a city near you! 

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Gene Cornish of the Rascals
New Book 


The Rascals are one of Americas iconic '60s, Blue-Eyed Soul band


My Life as a Rascal

When you have an epic story, you tell it! That's what Gene Cornish has done in his book titled, GOOD LOVIN My life as a Rascal.  From his early years growing up,  what inspired him, through the rise of stardom with the Rascals, and with all the ups and downs life had professionally and personally, Gene tells all and shares these stories in a very candid way!   Co-authored with Stephen  Miller, together they tell his story the only way Gene Cornish knows how, heartfelt, humor and honesty!

Gene Cornish


The Rascals are one of Americas iconic '60s, Blue-Eyed Soul band

Photo from Ed Sullivan show

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 If anyone ever epitomized what it means to be in a band or the concept of one, it’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist, Gene Cornish. The man bleeds Rascal red. In My Life as a RascalCornish, (ably assisted by Stephen Miller), chronicles his life as a rockabilly kid from Rochester, NY, to a member of one of rock’s most loved and at the same time, misunderstood bands, The Rascals.

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Record World

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Catching up with Gene at his home in New Jersey, you can feel the love, memories, and angst when he talks about the days of being one of The Rascals.  There is no bitterness in this talented man, and he has a philosophical and heartwarming way of telling the history of truly one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands from the 1960s & ’70s.—

by Sandy Graham

Cashbox Magazine


"Cousin Brucie" Morrow

Sirius XM Music Legend

On stage, Gene Cornish exudes raw emotion, Now he has transferred that electricity to the written pages. His life as a Rascals will keep you glued to the page. He hits the right chord every time

Tommy James

(Tommy James and the Sondells

  Gene Cornish and I have been friends since we first met in 1966. No one is happier then I am to see his further success with this wonderful book Now every can reach Genes incredible story.

Tony Orlando

   Not only is Gene a great musician but an innovator for those that

followed him. The Young Rascals were not only big sellers but they were game changers and their influences are still felt....Now  those can read Gene's incredible stories for themselves



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