Top Selling Songs

Good Lovin' (#1)
Groovin' (#1)
People Got To Be Free (#1)
Groovin' (#1)
Beautiful Morning (#3)
How Can I Be Sure (#4)
A Girl Like You (#10)
I've Been Lonely Too Long (#16)
You Better Run (#20)
It's Wonderful (#20)
A Ray Of Hope (#24)
Carry Me Back (#26)
See (#27)
Only a Lonely Heart Sees (#36)
Heaven (#39)
Come On Up (#43)
Hold On (#51)
Glory Glory (#58)





Rascals on the Ed Sullivan show

Good Lovin


People Got To Be Free

I've Been Lonely Too Long


When the Rascals split, Gene Cornish  went  on to form the band- BULLDOG and later FOTOMAKER


Album Bulldog Decca Records

Youtube song “NO”

Album Smasher  Bulldog Buddha Records

Are you really happy togther”


1977 Fotomaker -Atlantic Reocrd

Where you have been all my life

1978’ fotomaker

Fis” a vee

Miles away

1988 40th anniversary show

Atlantic records…

1979 Induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame


2010 Rascals Reunite in Tribeca   forKriten ann Carr’

which  initiated the idea Steven Van Zandt  which would later become  the Once Upon A Dream Tour 



RASCALS reunite after 42 years performing  on  ONCE UPON A DREAM,  A 2hr 20min  bio concert Produced byStevie and Maureen Van Zandt. Marc Brickman  :


From the Capital Theater - 15 sold out Shows on Broadway and 70 shows across the U.S


They brought back the memories with their great catalogue of hits and telling their story for the fans.  Check out  more videos and photos below.

2013 June Rascals perform on the Tony Award

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